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Our value adding heating products together with our measurement and control devices, provide our customers with complete intelligent solutions. Bring us an idea or a problem and we'll guide you to an optimal solution. Our engineers will not only give you answers, they can also take charge of entire processes for product development and testing by utilizing our advanced techincal tools and lab facilities. Our extensive experience and expertise, as well as our reliable quality and service, guarantee your success. Our ambition is to not just be a supplier, but your preferred partner as well.

Together we can make it happen!


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Sustainability in every step we take


We apply a holistic approach to the environment, that permeates all parts of our organization. The trend towards more energy efficient systems has expanded our market opportunities, as our solutions are often integral features in end-products. Greater use of electric motors instead of hydraulic systems also produces an increased need for resistors. We offer a broad range of resistors and control functions for electric motors, which drastically reduce energy consumption. Our heat pump technology can also be utilized across a wide variety of applications, dramatically reducing energy consumption compared to more traditional technologies.


Join us on the path to a more sustainable future!


Customers often come to us with an idea about a new project/ solution, a need for our expertise or because they want to enter a partnership with us. We are more than happy to share our facilities, vast experience and expertise at this initial stage. The earlier we are involved in a project, the more we can control the guarantee the optimization of core issues, such as the choice of materials, components and technology, temperature control, energy consumption and sustainability, cost efficiency and compliance with all applicable norms, regulations and standards are being followed.


Quality and safety are paramount at Backer. This why, we prioritize special resources and expertise in guaranteeing that solution and project specifications are in full compliance with application-specific requests and conditions, norms and regulations as well as general standards for any given industry sector or country. If you are unsure about what applies and how, do not hesitate to contact us.


We have the experience and knowledge to help you!

R & D
Product development


  • Pro Engineer 3D-CAD
  • X-ray equipment
  • PDM-link/ Product data management, etc.
  • FLO EFD - Thermal/flow simulations PTC MECHANICA
    - Thermal and stress analysis

More than 100 years of experience in the industry has given us a thorough understanding of what works and what does not. However, we are not content to rest on past achievements. We are continually moving forward with our customers, with solid research and the goal of optimizing the technologies we master as well as the solutions we offer.


This is where the magic happens!


As part of our research, and of course, as a natural step in specific projects, we continually perform tests in our advanced lab facilities. In this way, we are able to not only shorten lead times but also substantially cut costs for our customers.


  • Temperature and measurement
  • Interior testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Cooling room -25°C
  • Noise testing
  • Humidity chamber
  • Life cycle testing
  • Wind tunnel tests
  • Resistor power testing
  • Long term corrosion tests
  • Electrical tests up to 24 KV AC
  • External resources for other tests




Ideas, specifications, R&D and testing all put into one solution


Once a solution has been presented and approved by our customers we can either provide guidance or to take full charge of the process in gaining the necessary formal approval and certificates. Besides the vast experience and legal knowledge we have in-house, we also have fantastic partners, happy to assist -on four continents!


Backer has production plants at some thirty sites on four continents. Local production enables us to make deliveries with short lead times. A global manufacturing footprint operating with different currencies also gives us considerable flexibility to optimize our production by considering actual costs and currency fluctuations. Continuous improvements in production efficiency, as well as product and service quality, are paramount in our organization. This is achieved through investment programs, such as for automation, as well as by implementing Lean manufacturing principles where production tests, for example are continually performed and 100% of all products are tested and measured prior to shipping. Our unique leadership position and expansive manufacturing footprint enables Backer to distribute our products to both OEMs and industry customers as a world-class, cost-effective, customer-driven and environmentally sound partner.


Backer offers several different logistics solutions and we always apply a flexible and service-minded approach to the greatest extent possible so that we can meet the demands and needs of our customers. For simple contractual arrangements, we utilize and comply with Incoterms 2010. In terms of packaging and deliveries, we are also able to offer custom solutions, always with the ambition of making things easier for our customers and producing as little impact as possible on the environment. We even offer warehouse storage if needed.

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